What are my payment options when shopping through the Website?

  • For orders made through the Website you can, among other things, choose bank, credit card or invoice payment. All payments by invoice are made via Klarna, and for questions regarding an invoice, you contact Klarna directly.

    When making a purchase through your bank or by credit card, Adyen B.V. manage all transactions, which are done with secure encryption and according to strict bank norms. Your card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or retrieved by anyone other than your bank. We also practice the use of 3D Secure for validation of certain credit cards.

    Svenskt Tenn does not charge any extra fees for card payments. When paying by credit or with debit card, our terms take effect as soon as the card transaction has been approved.

    When you order through customer service, you pay by payment in advance through a payment link for  creditcard.